ITIS Holdings Inc.

Company Overview

Ownership:   ITIS Holdings Inc. (formerly ITIS Inc. and Internet Law Library, Inc.) is a Nevada corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Its stock is traded under the symbol ITHH on NASDAQ's OTCBB.  The company owns three operating subsidiaries, Litidex™, PharmHouse Inc. and OnPoint Solutions Inc.

Corporate Auditors:   Malone & Bailey, PLLC

Corporate Counsel:   K. Charles Peterson, JD

Business Strategy:   The objective of the ITIS family of companies is to become the most affordable provider of high quality Information Technology and Information Services.  To accomplish this objective, the Company will gain market share by innovative use of the Internet and other technology to help its subsidiaries to:

  1. Offer their products at extremely competitive prices relative to their competitors

  2. Make use of all available media to attract and retain customers

  3. Focus on a broad and diverse market of potential users of their products and services

  4. Provide excellent customer service and outstanding technical support

Filings and other Reports:   The Company is fully reporting.  Copies of its 10K, 10Q, 8K, and other such filings are available at  You may request hard copies from Investor Relations.

Executive Code of Ethics may be viewed by clicking here.

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